RGBy: Beta Test!
Thanks to your support, RGBy is ready to launch, but before submitting it officially we would like your feedback. A few notes:
  • We recommend the game be played on a computer, as we have noticed significant performance issues on some phone browsers. This is not the case with the app, we promise!
  • Performance based animations have been disabled as we would like these to be new and fun to all when the game is officially released.
  • Hearts and bombs will appear, but these have further features which will be enabled once the game is linked to game center, Google play, etc.
  • The game will be active for the next 48 hours, being removed at 10:00 pm EST 4/12/14, after which we will send out a short survey.

Naturally, the game may see some changes over the next few days as we continuously tweak it and perfect the look and feel, so please be patient. That being said, please enjoy!

Beta testing has been completed. Thank you for your interest!