Beta and funding news!
The RGBy Kickstarter has successfully reached its goal and YOU made it happen! Thank you!!

We have been working hard, testing and tweaking the game, adding additional animations, and preparing for what will come throughout the following weeks. We look forward to officially launching and receiving your feedback!

The Beta signup sheet will be open through Friday, April 4, 2014.

In order to participate, if selected, you will be sent a link to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, followed by instructions on how to access the game, after which we would really appreciate your feedback. As a reminder, if under 18, you must have a parent or guardians consent.

Thank you!
Funding reached!
Great news! Thanks to your support, we have reached 100% funding with a few days (over a week!) to go on the kickstarter and could not be more excited!

We have a few creative ideas on how we will be shipping the incentives and think you will get a kick out of it as well. Check your mail often, for as soon as the campaign is over and we gather the shipping information and any other necessary details, some items will begin to make their way to you!

Additionally, we will begin the submittal process immediately and keep you updated with release dates as we get them. Again, thank you very much for your support!
Along with our KickStarter campaign we decided to try our hands at a little "production" to entice the backers! It provides a sneak peak at some of the assets along with the first glimpse at what the factory interior will look like.

Most beta testers have already been selected, but we are still seeking for some to fill certain demographics. E-mails will be sent out soon with instructions on where to go!
Become a part of RGBy
RGBy is almost ready for public release, and we are excited to get it out there for all! Through our short Kickstarter campaign we are providing an opportunity to all who want to help to be a part of the game and get some cool swag.

Among the incentives available you will find a chance to receive original artwork from the game, personalized artwork, and the opportunity to participate in the creation of a future distraction to be found within the game. Additionally, every donation above the $5.00 level will be allowed one name of your choosing (keep it clean...) in the credits of the game.

We have tried to keep the incentives intriguing and fairly priced, and appreciate every little bit. Thank you for your help!
RGBy: The story
Every year gamers explode, ditch, lose and simply ignore billions of gems, blocks, pixels, and polygons. Where do they go? What happens to them? It has always been ignored until a recent turn of events.

RGBy is a game recycling center where all the items you discard, blow up, match or simply do not see in the game go to be melted, recolored, molded into an easy to customize shape, sorted and shipped out to be used again.

Due to an increase in gaming hours each day, both demand and supply have drastically increased, making it difficult to keep the factory fully staffed. This is where you come into play. We have created a portal in which we will enlist your help to sort and package these recycled and ready for use items. Our R&D department has spent countless hours developing a new sorting system which, according to their research, will prove to increase efficiency while making it entertaining and appealing to you, as we need your help and need you to return. As with all new technology, the sorting system has its glitches and may go in a frenzy from time to time, but its nothing you, the intelligent, dexterous, skilled gamer, cannot handle.

As you may expect, this is no ordinary factory, and creatures tend to get loose and run ammuck from time to time, but worry not, as they are just curious and harmless.
Site Debut
Welcome to We are a small start up made up of a team that loves to learn and create. At the moment we are focusing on learning the process and creating video games as well as expanding a little bit. Our first release will be a challenging sorting game with an upbeat feel and a subtle positive message.

While this site will be updated frequently, links, game and beta announcements, contests and more will be announced via twitter, or facebook, at times both, but typically individually, so make sure to follow both!
Beta Signups for RGBy
Want to be one of the first to test and play our game? Beta test signups are open here. A select number of lucky participants who complete the survey will receive a small thank you gift.

Please note, all participants must be 18+ or have parental supervision.

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