RGBy: Inaugural Title
Every year gamers explode, ditch, lose and simply ignore billions of gems, blocks, pixels, and polygons. Where do they go? What happens to them? It has always been ignored until a recent turn of events.

RGBy is a game recycling center where all the items you discard, blow up, match or simply do not see in the game go to be melted, recolored, molded into an easy to customize shape, sorted and shipped out to be used again.

Due to an increase in gaming hours each day, both demand and supply have drastically increased, making it difficult to keep the factory fully staffed. This is where you come into play. We have created a portal in which we will enlist your help to sort and package these recycled and ready for use items. Our R&D department has spent countless hours developing a new sorting system which, according to their research, will prove to increase efficiency while making it entertaining and appealing to you, as we need your help and need you to return. As with all new technology, the sorting system has its glitches and may go in a frenzy from time to time, but its nothing you, the intelligent, dexterous, skilled gamer, cannot handle.

As you may expect, this is no ordinary factory, and creatures tend to get loose and run ammuck from time to time, but worry not, as they are just curious and harmless.